Growing Something New – Stone Creek Trading!

It has been a very busy spring for us, although it seems like every spring is busy.  Our garden hasn’t been our main focus for this year, as we have been busy growing something else – our business!

Kryz & I are extremely excited to announce that we have opened our online store –


At Stone Creek Trading, we will be selling a variety of housewares & toys, all made from natural materials.  We feel that this business is a perfect combination of our unique talents and capabilities.  All of the products are imported from Kryz’s native Poland.  We have focused on natural products as a reflection of the way we try to lead our lives.

We offer stoneware fermenting crocks to make your own naturally fermented pickles or sauerkraut (favorites in our house!).

We also have kitchen products and wood utensils that we use everyday in our desire to eat as many homemade meals as possible.

But the products we are most excited about are the wooden toys!  These are the type of toys that we are thrilled to have our daughter playing with.

We have recently launched the website, and would love for you to check it out.  We are constantly researching new products to add and have a few ideas of products we would like to develop as well!

We still have a garden of course, as eating homegrown food is a passion of ours.  But we are taking a much more laid back approach this year.  Being more relaxed about the garden has also made it much more enjoyable.  We will continue to add updates about the garden, but will probably be focusing mostly on the business for now.

So head on over to and check out what we’ve been growing this spring!


About Emily

Mom to my amazing 3 year old daughter. Partner to my loving husband. Full time working architect by day. Gardner, Cook, Sewer, Crafter, Knitter, DIYer by night.
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